Continued from last post.

The book kick started something in me.

I started searching for my ‘defining photo’ not long ago, now I still am, each day, the defining photo change. Each day, there’s one that’s better (I feel) than the last day’s. Often its been like that.

After reading the book, I seemed to have a more directed ‘sense of direction’. I want to search for Santiago, for the pyramids, for the alchemist, for fatima, for the old church, for the gypsy, for the sahara, the tribe wars, the horses, camels, bandits, the sheeps, the baker. 

I’m searching for a ‘feeling’, for how Santiago, the alchemist, fatima, the old church, the pyramids, the desert, the sheeps, Andalucia..feels like. Its all subjective.


This is today’s.

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