Its so funny, I mean I’m not laughing but hell! I was gonna blog about so many things, but procrastinated, now I have 3 days worth of posts!

Okay, let’s set the tone for something serious, yes, calm down, put down that bag of yours, sit down, yeah, breathe in……out………in…………out.

Ah yes.

I was at the library 2 days ago. Recently, I’ve been revisiting many things. I’ve been listening to blink, simple plan, sum 41, the old (perhaps you’ll call immature) songs that I liked, around 2 years ago. Not only can I stand them, I liked them better as a change.

At the library, I went back to the Agatha Christie’s section, detective novels that I’ve read and re-read for at least 3 times. I picked them up again and found interest in them. Just as I was about to leave, I saw this row of books, around 10 of the same, I estimated. ‘THE ALCHEMIST’. I’ve heard of the book, yes, but have always thought it to be some sci-fi, chemistry thingummybobbies.

This time, since the Formidable Row of 10s was too huge to ignore, I picked one up and looked at the back of it the decided to ‘throw away’ one of Aunt Agatha’s books for The Alchemist. Judging the book by its cover, yes. And I did not regret that I broke the Wise Saying! “Do not judge the book by its cover”.

So I guess I picked up The Alchemist in ‘the-alchemist-style’. If I hadn’t been to the library at that precise moment, if I hadn’t decide to re-read agatha christie’s novels, if I hadn’t bother about the books in a row (maybe they, as perhaps omens are there for me), I would never have read it.

Looking at the book gave me pages of deja vu. Alan (if you’re reading this) has certainly swallowed it whole– enough to be literal!

Hmm, its hard to write something about it now, the time has passed actually. But reading it definitely made me happier and calmer as a whole, especially the part about the Soul of the World, where nothing is lost and forgotten. This book has something for everyone.

Someone who had a dream and had been wondering what to do next, someone who faced obstacles in the pursuit of his/her dreams, someone on the verge of giving up, someone who commited totally and experienced lost, heartfelt grief, someone who’s waiting for someone and doesn’t know whether to move on or not.

The alchemist doesn’t tell the reader what to do, but shows him/her how to cope, how to trust. With trust, anything can be overcome. And the book tells you to trust your Dreams.

I guess I’ll write the material for my ‘second post’ tomorrow.

Before reading the alchemist, I think I ‘read’ it before already. I’ve been in fact living the book for some time, though I’ve yet ‘read’ finish the book. I’m still perhaps at page 42 or something (42’s a random no.)

The alchemist is written in the author’s ‘language’. Beginner’s luck was refered by myself to be ‘intuition’, Omens were coincidences, soul of the world is my strings ‘theory’, I’ll write it here someday.

But I prefer Paulo’s ‘language’.

This book changed me, I won’t wax poetry on it (actually its that I don’t know what to say), but it changed me, it did. It advanced me 10 pages.

(sorry for those who haven’t read the book, go check it out!)

Right, off to my ‘third post’.