(at Bugis street, another cultural place)
I was pausing on the other side of the road for a long time, maybe 5-7 minutes, zooming my camera on the guy in the wheelchair.

At first, there was a young lady by his side, 2 minutes later, she was gone. The handicapped man was supposed to ‘beg’, but he didn’t even know where he was, what he was doing, who the lady was (probably his daughter). In harsher terms, he was a vegetable. His daughter probably made use of his handicap for that. And of all places, he was parked just at the kerb of the road.

I kept on trying to perfect a shot, but people are moving by, blocking my vision.

A car drove past, and on the reflection, there was me with the camera, shallow and surreal. In the glass (in the car), an onlooker passed him a cursory glance and drove away. Outside of the glass, a real being looked on, trying to figure out what all these meant.

Yeeherng responded to my picture on flickr: This is a very meaningful photo! Reaches for my heart. ):

When i saw the story i really couldn’t believe it and felt really sorry for the old man. in this modern society there are still people in need of our help and i can’t believe that woman would actually do that! Maybe they’re forced to beg, but how could she still take advantage of his sorry plight?

Good pic nevertheless (: Three subjects in one photo! first we only see the man, then the car, and if observant enough, you! 😀

I replied: hey, that’s right.

We see the man first, he’s the realest, the most unpretentious of all (he can’t, even if he wants to). This is true humanity.

Then we see the woman in the car, the superficial, the protected.

Only after, the viewer notices me, shallow and surreal, looking at the world through my eyes, through a camera lens, through 2 sheets of glass, only then I see the man (symbol of humanity).

But the irony is that I’m the most immediate object near the viewer. The reality is, the man is the furthest away. Through my eyes, the lens, the glass.

And we see him first.

(okay, don’t get creeped by me!)