Okay, so no one got it over here! Yeeherng, you lamer, shoo, go hide in that corner where the cat sleeps!

Its my freezer!

Alright, am I speaking in the cave where the sound waves bounces left, right, up, down and out of the cave.. Is anyone there? Nevermind, it saved my ‘five bucks’!

Well, folks at Flickr got it (probably with yeeherng’s aid, darn!)

So the poor artist dedicated a photo each to them. Just to post it here to get you jealous!

This pretty lady is for Stefan (:


I picked her up on the way with yeeherng in OG, Bugis. I still remember the evil salesgirl who went all up to my face and said, “NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!” Wells…shrugs..

You know, I kinda fell in love with this mannequin, ahh.

This one’s for Manoj, not exactly pretty, but a picture made under extremely lucky circumstances.


In little india! Happy Deepavali to all those who’re celebrating 🙂

I love yeeherng. You know, at first I was a little hesistant to go out, having been to the places so many bloody times. But right now, it had been one of the most successful trips out (and the happiest too!) in my short photographic span.

Thanks yeeherng! I realised that having a bud to go out with you to take pictures is sooo much different when you go out alone. (not saying that going out alone is bad, each has each’s advantages!) I became more daring and loads more of other things. Many photos wouldn’t have been made if there wasn’t yh with me (: