Inspired by candida holfer.

My, I love this new theme. Now, my pictures don’t have to go through the resizing process like in the past where they become grainy and bad quality-ed. Dunno what’s wordpress up to though!

Recently, (you said it already! Yeah, I said it already), I’ve been staying home and not going out to take pictures. But I’ve got some unexpected reap offs, quite cool if mom sees it and be like,” there’s such a place in our house?? In OUR house??”

Cos you see, almost everywhere, there’ll be the doings of my brother, works of art he calls it, all his crayons, and black ones they must be! I dunno what the kid wants to do someday, maybe white wash it total, I mean Blackwash it actually. Hmm, not a very pretty prospect.

And meanwhile, sister has been bringing out the woman in him. Now, he’s a peace and pink-loving fella, guess what? He says he wants to exchange his room with mine. And as you know, the Berk in me chose pink for the walls when I was still a Berk. His was green, really cool lime green that mom imposed on him (because she likes it). I slept at his room for a while, because the windows in my room are ratheer small (yeah, and what a reason this is!), but its mainly because sometimes I get the jerk and start taking photos..

There’s real nice sunsets and sunrises and wierd sky-ly phenomenons like an occassional jet flying by, I love these things as subjects at that time. So I migrated to that room. But now, it doesn’t mean much to me, the jets are too noisy, the sun’s too glaring. You know, I don’t mind moving back but don’t mind staying as well.

So you see, how I change!

But right now, to hell with coloured walls! I used to pine for coloured walls at my old house. Now, well..err, White will do!

If I ever were to repaint my walls, I’ll make it 3 sides white, one side (the piano side) lavendar coloured. Not that I particularly love the colour, but I do think it makes a pretty great wall colour, peace, calm and all.

Now, thinking of it, I don’t have any favourite colour! It all depends! Perhaps white? dunno.

You say, what colour do I look like I’ll like.