hah, yesterday, I tried to blog, but was cut off halfway. Well, not like I have much more to say!

I’m running out of places to take pictures. Tut tut, what am I to do?

I know you’ll be like, how can you run out of places to take pictures? Won’t you discover something new in the same place everything you get back to it?

But for me, going back to a same place for the 5th and 6th time meant a ‘feeling’ lost. I’ll get used to the place, my vision will narrow, things will seem all too familiar. You know that for me, getting used to something is getting rather sick of it. Everything has to have an uncertainty factor for me to perform. But then I adapt too fast and…well.

I can never go to arab street again after yesterday, it was the 3rd time going. I’m rather hesitant on going to little india again. Chinatown, maybe, but then, not really. The central area is out too.

I think I’ll have to make for sentosa soon.

I used to take 300 photos and upload 3 that I really like on flickr.

Nowadays, I barely use up one battery, taking around 50 photos and I often find myself debating over which 5 to choose to upload.

One thing I found that I changed is that my shots now are more ‘feeling-based’. When I walk past a place and perhaps say, feel loneliness, I’ll ask myself what in the place made me feel this way. Then I’ll take out my camera and take what I feel. Most of my pictures mean something to me right now.

And when I asked myself which photos of mine I wanna favorite, I find myself debating.

Connection is the most important thing.