Ladder, steps, plug, electrocute, ladder, steps, climb, jump.

Where is it? Where is it?

Woman, wind, flash, woman, wind, blur, $1, $1, woman, wind, fly.

What’s happening? What’s happening?

Water, deep, blue, water, ice, water, straw, drown, swim, drown, swim, drown, dead.

Help! Help!

Daggers, eyes, daggers, eyes, pierce, daggers, penetrate, daggers, eyes.

What’re you doing? What’re you doing?

Corner, forced, corner, dead, corner, strip, kill, Checkmate.

yh: Its raining on my side, I hear the rain.

zt: yeah, like this— drip..drip..drip..


I’ve been wanting to write something about this picture, but till now, I don’t know if I even conveyed what I wanted to convey. zk was right, its just this feeling in it and when I asked him what was it, he said he doesn’t know. I don’t know too.

Do you know?