The way to find out if you’re in the right direction or not (poetry/literature/photography/painting) is that will you be shaken by your own words, will you be drawn in by your own pictures– if you are a viewer or a reader.

This question is rather hard to answer, it looks easy. I asked a few of my flickr mates this question– Which picture will you favorite in your own photostream if you were a stranger looking at your site?

Well, if you do have a clear sense of direction, you should have one, not two, three, or none.

But of course, it might not be universal and I should hesitate a little after using the word ‘should’, but I do think it’s a pretty good gauge.

When I asked myself that question that day, I had none. I was a little exasperated.

The next day, I made the ‘Line’ picture, picture of a row of chairs seen from top..And it was the one.