Arab street, today 🙂

WordPress lost my post! Now I kinda forgot what I said.

This is called reach out. Many of my pictures go by the same names. I think reach out is used thrice already. The similar theme throughout my photos? Maybe.

The window outside is opened, but the inside is shut still. Is there someone outside trying to reach out to you, only to fall on deaf ears because you assumed that no one cares just becaause you can’t seen through the one-way glass?

Just a fodder for thought. I’m sure everyone had played the two roles before, and when playing them, you never know whether you’re on the outside or the inside.

Some people think that they’re the ones who’re reaching out to the other, and the other thinks that s/he is reaching out to the former. Both switch roles back and forth– a relationship breaks, communication barrier.

Methinks, break the glass, open the window and see each other’s face.

But it is not that easy after all, not easy, very difficult indeed, I don’t practise what I preach.