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I need directions, but not too many.

Are you alright?

Yeah, totally.

Let me help you up. Here.

Nah, I prefer to sit down after I fall.

Sure? D’you need some water?

No, a wilted flower is at its best, it lasts.

Alright then, you sure you’ll be okay by yourself over here?

Yeah, would you be so kind to turn off the lights?

Oh, you want a little rest? I’ll get you a cushion, hang in there for me.

Don’t bother Finn, I like the floor cold. I just don’t like seeing the world in light.

Look, I don’t want you to be sick when I get back.

Are you?

Look Mich, I don’t know, the company, they’re..they’re planning, not yet, I don’t know. Look, I’ll call you back..Look, look Mich, what’s wrong?

Italics, they’re just italics, Finn, they’re just italics, italics, none so straight as mine..


Many times they tell you to ‘look’, playing the game of ‘Do-you-see-what-I-see-oh-diddy-boy’.

And just as many times, we lose the game, so why for?


Thought of this from the picture (no, nothing really got to do with me). I think I shall continue it.