Was looking through my old pictures since I can’t be going out these few days to take new pictures. These are some pictures that I’ve not posted to wordpress/flickr before. Thought about showing you guys a twisted side of the streets of singapore.


Construction– always, always going on. There’s always something new waiting to pop up. A new mall, a new park, a new condominium, a new place for recreation.

(these guys started looking at me wierd after I took this shot, so I didn’t get a second attempt at framing)


This trishaw person, one, does not do this sport for leisure, two, is not a form of local transport (lol). Its for overcharging tourists for a sense of ‘exoticism’ at S$40, rumored (I never asked or tried!).

This was a cropped version. Looks more focused.

But I wished I had dared to go up close, in front of him and took a portrait. Perhaps next time I should go out pretending I’m a tourist, uh, maybe hang my unused SLR round my neck to look more professional and business-like, then approach him to ask how much is a ride. Then I’ll reject him of course, then proceed to take advantage of the chance to take a picture..

Aha, perrrfecto!

Is it just my site or wordpress’ picture upload has turned images all grainy and blurry?

Or perhaps its because I’m reaching the limit of my picture uploads. I’ll be deleting some and attaching links once it reaches the max.

Physics done– meaning that physics exam is both done, and Done For. I’m dead, alright. Tomorrow’s Biology, hope it will be Fine-Diddledy-Fine!