8 more days! I lost so much of my ‘life’ these days. Haven’t got round to writing for sometime, photography has turned into improvisations of the ‘human figure’ at home (honestly, I don’t like it and its not really my style), coffee ran out, can’t go out for them, uh and the worst thing is that I’m not actually studying.

Hmm, why not list out what I AM going to do 8 days later.

I’m planning on doing a documentary on various places over here, one, maybe as a memorial since I decide to leave this place for college, then I’ll probably stay there (place yet undecided), two, its a great idea to try out new things, I might be good at it!

And spend time with my dear god sister, Michelle, The Angsana Crew, debates people and of course, with myself!

Language arts was cool, wrote 8 whole pages for 2 essays *beams* in a matter of 2 hours, maths today was alright, at least I knew how to do 80% of the questions compared to quizes where I can only do 50% of them. Geography tomorrow, physics (a killer) then Biology. And on to the next week!

Oh, and I just realized that my birthday was around the corner when Mom told me today she won’t be able to celebrate with me. Gah, she’s leaving for another business trip, to Paris, then to Korea, then to Shanghai, for god-knows-how-long.

I don’t know if any of you keep up this habit of getting a birthday cake every year, I know dionne you ‘never had one since 10’, yeah, I’m childish, haha. A piglet strawberries and cream cake every year without fail– I can’t imagine eating anything else, like a Pooh, or Tigger, even though I prefer chocolate to strawberry nowadays, somehow, I just felt like sticking with strawberries.

Mom tells me in a tired, understanding voice that I’ve been having the same since 5 years ago.

Gotta kick it up and start studying, going on 6pm already.