Try this.

Shut yourself in a dark room with curtains drawn shut. Sit down on the ground, or lie down if you will, but don’t, don’t fall asleep!

Open your eyes as usual, for as long as you could.

I recorded mine as a matter of 17 minutes and 36 seconds before I finally yielded to the unseen preessure.

At around 5 minutes, you’ll already see spots of ‘stars’, those of which you see when you’re about to faint. This is the normal trugger for you to shut your eyes ‘for a rest’.

Now, why is darkness so painful to the eyes? Do you feel the same in that 5 minutes when you’re going about your daily lives?

Is it because its Pure? Pure black? Just as pure white/yellow/red/green will do the same to our eyes.

But black unveils a totally different feeling than the other colors. We’re not pressured by the extreme glare of the yellow and reds, nor are we pressured to shut our eyes to the space of white.

The difference I think is that black has no boundaries, you can’t charter the geography of the room you’re in, whereas a lighted room of white can.

Black, darkness is judged to be Sleep and the unconscious.

Dark is for the lonely, for the troubled, for people who wants to blend in. You can be fully camouflaged in the dark room, but never in a room painted white, red or yellow.

Humans are naturally optimistic. Even the most severe pessimist has his motivation to inhale another breath.

We are uncomfortable with the unseen, with uncertainty. We like to be sure.

When the space in front of you looks the same as your eyes shut, you start to panic, because you see no difference between the two. We have a natural tendency to compare, to chart our graphs, on what is deemed as ‘safe’ to us, or what is deemed ‘exceptable’ to us, what is ‘beauty’, what is not.

When everything looks like its ‘One’, we either thrive in it, or die in it.

Hmm, an interesting encounter with philosophy, the last line. But I’m running out of time right now, gonna think more about this in the dark tonight and come back fresh and more organized tomorrow.