Today, I walked through the lighted tunnel and saw darkness, those of a Midnight hue, not that it being that color mattered much anymore.

Occasionally, we get an omnibus ride out of the wilderness into the tunnel of light, where it seemed as though we had emerged from the abyss and saw paradise.

Why does an earthworm live in the darkness, refusing the sun?

Because its afraid of what light would bring to his life– creating contrasts, gaps of esteem in his life. He is afraid of hope, what hope might bring that might lead him to destruction when doom sets in.

Looking back at the closing gate where the last ray of beacon pierces into the vast stretch of blank space, exposing the last dance of the dust particles in view, I stood back and watch, cold and afraid, not because of the Dark, he’s alright..

I’m just afraid of when the gate will open again..

To see the party, the voices in cantabile, figures moving to the beat, unslaved, things that I’ll never achieve no matter how hard I try.

Occasionally, we walk off on our own, the place is getting too stuffy, or perhaps someone too drunk in spirits pushed you off the beam– you’re just too lack of it to survive.

Lights up on the terrace, swing..

Eschewed away in the corner is me..

Lights don’t expose, they hide, like what my over-exposures does.

They hide, they hide, they hide,

until you go blind..

That’s where you see the gate closing, the vision fading,

You’re just Imagining, for there’s no Darkness in the World, only Blindness..



That is why gates closed will never open the same again and I thought mine was an exception.

The scar never heals, never.