Busy busy busy. Just chucked home for an hour, going out soon, in fact I think I’m gonna be late. But just a quickie, can’t let iJane just die here.

Its quite a productive afternoon at home, pulled off a shot that I like a lot.

To be or not to be?


My adolescent struggles. Sniffles.

My converses and heels (no, not playing with mom’s, she’ll kill me if I do. Says my size 7 is too big and I’ll kill her shoe before I fit in). Wear them pain-in-the-necks to debate competitions.

I like it because the layout was accidental, a little too lucky.

Alright, gotta pack up my shoes in the cabinet now, and rush off.

We’re celebrating mid-autumn festival in school, some ancient forgottens. Gotta snap some pictures back if I can!

See you guys.