Just a random post!

Now its 3:40 am and I was rushing E and I project earlier, until 1 plus 2 am. So I decided not to sleep.

Ahh, the pains. I realized that when you stay up and not sleep, one, your back will ache like hell, two, you hear gastric juices digesting your intestinal walls, and worse is three, you’re stuck here and can’t stop. My eyes are wide awake and my back is having a heated quarrel with it, with my hands winning in the end.

So here I am typing!

And now its the dead dead silence, which makes your heartbeat sound like a sledgehammer pounding against a stone wall..

Ahh, feel the atmosphere, you can’t even see the silhouette of the buildings outside your window, its a moonless night..




A sense of ultimate zen and timelessness..

Oh no..

Oh no! I didn;t brush my teeth!

Gotta need some coffee boosts tmr though.