My Dear Sneakers,

Its been 3 years from the first time I set foot into your soul (sole)! I still remember the exhilaration and pride as I paraded your pearl, white pallor through the muddy fields, up the mountains, down the hill, into the puddle– squash!

Your yellowed, soiled bodice that in time became, shielded my soul from outside contamination and disease, keeping me dry and warm from the winds and rains.. while accumulating dirt and filth from a mud pile of a questionable material when you landed in, chasing away the flies and absorbing all to yourself the essence in the form of a gaseous state.

—Oh! Did you know how that perturbed me when I discovered one day that we actually became One?

Well, they say, with every Death comes closer to Life, or rather, I said it. With this, I guess I’m stuck with you till my 18250th Rise and Shine. 4 Nikes niked away, 2 Vans sped away and never came back, 1 Puma leaped away back into his land.– And you Conversed through it all.

A pair of proud new shoes, in time became comfortable, and it is you whom I find myself wearing to school everyday instead of the stunning new Nikes which will early meet its demise. Well, I could get a new one at that time, but somehow, you just gave me this feel of an age-old vintage wine whose appeal increases with age.

One day you’ll be gone too and at that time, I’ll glue back your soul (sole) and give you your first bath from the first time I stepped into your soul.

Cleaning off the traces of my footsteps with you, as we travel the past, the reverse from a yellow, soiled bodice, back into the proud, pearl white pallor I see..

back in the shop, years ago..