We know life by its negativities. Happiness can’t be happiness without the experience of grief. Ask a child who’s never had his first tinge of gray, ask a bird whom all it knows is freedom. To them, life is a single shade of white. Happiness is normal, freedom is by life defined.

Until when the child experiences his first lose, when the bird first looks into a gunpoint, first knowing that there are other things other than the sky, the trees and the worms. And then, there is contrast in life, Black and White.

And then, we have our greys when black follows white, white follows black behind its back all too fast, a life led too fast, confusion, struggle, in a centrifuge, spinning, spinning into a mixture, in a separate mixture.

Life is lived by cancellations, trial and errors. There’s just so many times we have to fall down to be able to walk. There’s just as many times we have to break our hearts for Love to heal.

The times when we knew Love most is when we lost it, if true love ever can be lost, or do you think that it is we who have chosen to take refuge by running away from it.

In the choice between life and death, ask yourself if Death is a choice, or is a submission, a hand-over of your soul to the devil in your mind? Self-destruction. Or would you rather push the little devil over the building before he pushes you over?

These all said don’t mean much to me right now because I’ve lived it over and I’m wondering why am I here. Maybe just to share, maybe I though I would be helping more people, or maybe it would just make a good thoughtful post. But maybe its because I don’t want to forget, that’s why I started a blog.

Perhaps I’ll look back 10 years later and find it amusing, only finding myself slapping my own face when I read this sentence.