Busy busy busy today, but still went out with my pet, yeah if you were wondering, its the bestest pet in the world, it don’t bite, it don’t salivate all over you, it doesn’t (oops, got my grammer wrong in the 1st 2 but nevermind) yeah, point out your grammer mistakes by ‘repeating after me’ like a parrot, it don’t breathe, don’t sleep— bam, it just takes up so much time!

I find it hard to leave it. One day I was at home and wondering, like how the heck do I study in peace (impossible), every now and then, I’ll start to walk about, getting fidgety, I’ve already got rid of my habit to go out whenever I like to spend time with my pet, but incidentally, the bug took to improvising at home. So you see shots of me acting all goofed up, sitting on books, and why the heck are there so many eyeballs?

Well and at that very stringent moment, a fighter jet flew past my window and I stood up instinctively, yanking my hands out of the window grids to take a shot but was too late (the same place where all my sunsets and sunrises are taken). Disappointed, I held in utmost faith that another one will come, and it did, for quite some time later, for people are so zen-like nowadays that they lose track of time. Still not up to perfection, I waited for the 3rd one, and this is how my afternoon ended.

So locking myself in an empty room is not enough to keep me still, so do I close the windows?? and even if I close the windows, I can very well harness my pet to other uses!! This is bugging my head off me!!

And just as when I was going to tear my hair off, a brainwave came to me. Damn, just get leave the pet out of your door! Since it can’t bark, it can’t shriek, why bother? Humph.

And then I replied to myself,” Well you see, its impossible.”

The conversation with myself went on like a bad comedy show, only changing a range of adjectives from “bark and shriek” to “whine and bine (there such a word?), from impossible to presposterous to “till the sky falls to the ground” and that is how my wonderful evening passed.

I’m currently quite bored of taking nature pics and found myself more interested in the off-beat crazy street photography. But then, is there any yardstick to place– what makes a good street photography pic?

And just at that time when I loaded one of my street photography pic and nature pic onto flickr and went out, I found that the former had 0 comments and the latter had crazingly 23 comments and 36 views and 6 favorites (my highest so far, but to which I’m not a bit attached to) and I’m like, well donald, should I be happy or should I be sad? (The 2nd picture with the flower against the blue sky and the one (3rd) following it, though I’m pretty satisfied with the first picture which was taken today.)

Hmm, whatever.