Went out on the road today.


I came across this plot of land near a gutter.

That’s what we humans see.


The same place, as plants see it.


You say wow, in wonder of the Human Conceit.

Have you ever tried bending down, seeing things from other points of view, even though it could be just a mere stalk of weed or a common ant.

When you really do, you’ll not be surprised at what simplicity can offer.

When an ant sees a flower bigger than You.


 Are you hurt or are you shocked?

When you step on something 100 times stronger than you.


But does that make you any stronger?

Try what I did, bend down and see the world as an ant sees it, you’ll understand how having little can offer so much.

That’s why I like macro so much, you recognise the unrecognised, the little details, going intimate– bringing forth to the viewer so much s/he misses, almost like a documentary. I always treat a single stalk of grass as an individual– would you like them to brand you as just-a-human-being?

Our ego often gets in the way and we think ourselves the king of the universe and I won’t go into details how the food chain works or how we need the ones below us for us to survive. But do you realize that it is us who need food from plants and animals, and whereas they could be so much better without us?

Are we some evil monarch or something?

We often turn a blind eye to many things, just because we’re bigger, biggest we think, and even bigger, swelled up in the head.

Open your eyes.