Today, I went to school and was a bit sick with a headache (first time having it! *goggles*) so I tried cam-whoring at home after it got better and it was real fun and productive!

I don’t know which one is better, I’ve got two versions.


Please tell me which.


It was quite a trial and error when I was snapping and my eye chanced to be looking to one corner of the room so there’s this nice reflection showing.

If you’d observed, the Glass Menagerie is a play of Tennessee Williams, one of my favorites.

The title just popped into my head, and thinking about it, it do seemed to express a little of the poignant mood present in the play.

I think this is what I call the “empty stare”, tell me, what do you feel when you see this?

I just feel glassy and empty, like the glass menageries smashed to the ground in the end, so strong a silence that one does not know how to react.