Sobs, sobsxx, we’re all turning emo!

Today is the last time we’re seeing our beloved coach who’s leaving on the 13th next month for college, UCL to study medicine!

Us a small/large group of 7 splurged in Fish & Co. and landed in huge debts!

Loads of funny things happen of course when we Blighters are in a group– alone we’re complete sane beings, upright and serious, together, somehow we get all strange. Must be too high a genetic defeciency concentrations!

Hannah the pistaChio bounced on the seat for a record height measured and set off a 90 degrees pendulum swing on Fish & Co.’s Trademark Swordfish hanging on the wall just above us, whose Tail when on its swing upwards, landed its nose broken when it hit Samara’s head a seat away!! OUCH factor 100/100!

And I would like to add that I was in the middle of the terrible catastrophe! Sorry fish! Your nose! One can almost imagine how depressing it is for a swordfish to lose 3/4 of its nose!!

The Blighters were extremely mortified later on when I started chewing lemon slices stolen from their fish and chips to Distress. They then drew up their daggers (actually forks and knives) when I told them of my habitual employment of the esteemed routine for a healthy diet.

I also found out that two dashes of Salt, one dash of pepper, three dashes of salt, followed by two dashes of pepper makes plain water taste much better! A recipe perfected by few glasses of trial and error.

I put to good use the disgusting tartar sauce, along with chili, cookies and cream, chocolate fudge, a bunch of cherries contributed later as a mission of Goodwill by the Blighters to create a delicious concoction of the Debater’s Cocktail as named by me right now.

Looking at its wonderful creamy, white texture, we then decided that its all too good for our palettes so we left the place regretfully.

I’ve just done airing our Cleanest Laundry. As for the rest, I think I’d better wash it a bit first.

You know what I mean– I just aired my Cleanest Laundry. I’ll just have to hide the rest!