Nevermind, let’s drop the story for a while..

to torture you.

But I don’t think you will be will you? Haha, in any case, I don’t like to take chances, I’m sure out of the 100s everday, there will be one soul at least punctured uh?

Perfection humm.

Have you ever tried introducing Math into Philosophy? No, not a recipe for disaster– maybe you decide!

Let’s say our lives are divided into 10 fields and each has the capacity of maximum 10 points. Points are representation of one’s efforts put in, passion, time, factors you decide.

And we’re each given 50 points to divide among these fields. You could divide them equally and be half-assed at each (5 points) or be really good at 1 or 2.

These numbers are arbitrary, chosen just to make a representation, we could have 2 fields or a 100 fields, and have 5 points as the maximum– just for you to get the idea that we can’t score 10/10 for everything.

Perfection can exist in everyone, it just is decided according to you, whether you want to limit your definition of perfection into the 10 fields or one field.

I prefer the latter, what do you?