I shall serve up something strange today– the Mundanities of my Life. Not funny here, but you should have been there.

Today at class:

*(let’s call her the little red brick– don’t ask, long story that’ll take another post) was pulling out her contents page*

Beatrice: You know, I could never remember my student number (while look at little red brick’s)

Little red brick: yeah, I know, shut up, I’m looking for the right one!

Me: You know, have you ever tried buying Something (lottery) with those 4 numbers (student no.)

Little red brick: *looks up, confused* HUH?! OH, what? why?

Me: Oh, cos you’ll never win.


Out of class..

Beatrice: You know, my Dream is to float around in the clouds, all dreamy, all hazy, all–

Me: Of course. (yeah, make sure you’ll fall to your death)

Beatrice: yeah, you know, its the next best thing to a..

Me: You know what they say about Death coming after a Dream?

Beatrice: What? oh? Huh?

Me: No, actually I said it.

Beatrice: Gee. (which is, obviously she has woken from it)

Random philosophy making sense in two different conversations 5 hours apart in a day..

Geography lesson.

teacher rambling on about how calories intake could be an indicator for the development of a country (0.0)

Me: Hmm, what about a Diet nation?

sy: Or there lack of one, you mean?

Me: Ah…

In tuition class..

teacher talking about how education is more worthy than wealth because technological advances are as a result of the former..

Me: Gee, the world’s walking on a treadmill.

Little red brick: eh, what? So random!

Me: No, you see, the candy bar you’re chewing on right now is 50 times less harmful on your pocket 50 years ago!

Little red brick: eh? But its the same candy bar!

Me: THat’s What I’m driving at! Its all the same.

Yeah, its all the same.