We should all channel our fits of anger and injustice into feats of Justice. 

Statement of Claim

1. The Plaintiff being the first child of the co-owners of the apartment was present at the residence, specifically in her bedroom, the first room on a right-turn from the gate, the first of the only level in the apartment.

2. The Plaintiff was sleeping on the bed occupying the space directly beside the door which is left ajar at that moment, on the 16th of August 2007.

3. The Defendant being the second child of the co-owners was also present at the residence, on or about 16th of August 2007 at an unspecified time having been sighted by the Plaintiff only on or about 6.10 am when the Plaintiff awoke due to excessive disturbance from the Defendant in the form of excessive noise, inter alia, incesssant shrieks and maniacal laughter.

4. The Defendant was seen sitting on the Table, directly opposite the Bed, towards the windows, with a pair of Scissors on his right hand, which was put to use in the process of mutilating pieces of Paper, inter alia, sketches and drawings, all of which were obtained from the left drawer of the Table, belonging to the Plaintiff.

5. On seeing the Plaintiff getting off the Bed, the Defendant gave a scream and proceeded to drop both objects, the pair of Scissors and the piece of Paper on the ground.

6. The Defendant then ran towards the Kitchen, 3 rooms directly opposite the Bedroom, before locking himself in the toilet. The Plaintiff pursued and when an oral command was issued by the Defendant to open the door, he refused to comply.

7. Under these circumstances, the Defendant proceeded to hurl verbal abuse at the Plaintiff, inter alia, a dumbo, a stupid pig, as well as derogatory remarks, inter alia, na-na-na-na-na-na, you cannot catch me.

8. All of which and the Loss incurred caused much emotional distress to the Plaintiff, who will be claiming the following costs:

– The forfeit of the Defendant’s rights to step in any further than the door of the Plaintiff’s Bedroom

– The forfeit of the Defendant’s rights to come into any contact of any of the Plaintiff’s Belongings

– The rights for the Plaintiff to lock her door at any moment threats of the similar nature are expected by the Plaintiff