It is…



See the ‘eye’ in the middle?

That’s a ‘bonsai’ plant, mini versions of trees, you might wanna check it out on the net if you have any interest.

Of course, this is a rather bad picture that can’t be helped because behind this plant, the sky is loaded with trees– which is always the case and sometimes, we might find a valuable plot of sky and we Rejoice!– I mean the tree! It looks like a big-headed cheerleader.


But you almost always sprain your neck by doing an extreme set-up.

But today and some other day before when I went to the Botanical Gardens, its my leg that hurts, hurts, hurts.

Today, I suffered the extremeties of everything–

The sun was scary, my skin tone was darkened by 3 degrees! And before that, there was a storm and I had to stand under some immense trees with some others– it did cover us perfectly but like what mom said 10 years ago,” Don’t stand under the tree when there’s a lighting.” Brr, this is not coming from a ghost!

My face was smothered with oil from the sun exposure and when I rushed for my swimming lesson later on, it was parched, dry!– Not a bad thing actually, but I wonder about the state of the swimming pool!

And later, I’m going to taekwondo! Oh no, my leg’s gonna Die. Serious, I’ve never had such a serious muscle cramp before.

Oh and did I tell you that I had Pilate yesterday?

I’m proud of the macro dragonfly shot and some others, but I don’t want to load so many up in one day, 4 or 5 is enough.