Cool, today I was strange.

I discovered what can make me mad and go round seeing red!

I was in class as usual, in a semi-daze and Timothy the stupid jokerster turned back and adbucted my pencil– which at that point in time I did not take it as a case of adbuction. Something I really regretted for after that, he commited murder!, body parts murder!!!

My beloved pencil was snapped into two and I didn’t even suspect it! I was really fumed, really really angry and mad, first time in 3 years, I was never so furious. I didn’t know that such a thing could make me all upset, he must have thought me petty, you know, just a pencil.

But me myself is ashamed to say that I have an emotional attachment to it and when I said the exact same thing to my friend, she laughed! I guess I’m quite absurd. But really, I use it to draw, I use it to sketch, all my paintings and drafts, I just grown to love it. And I can’t imagine myself without them. Okay, I sound really wierd but yeah, I feel quite empty now.

Its very hard to offend an artist, but when you do, you’re dead.

Here is a picture of my beloved


It is taken carelessly with my webcam cos I really can’t bother anymore.

I guess I’ll be using the stubs till they can’t be used anymore. They’re free, from the Ritz Carlton hotel the last time I went there but I never used them until recently when my mechanical pencils went missing.

Gah, I must have sounded very emo but I’m not angry with Tim, in fact it lasted even a shorter time than he was apolegetic to me.

Now, I feel real guilty for making him upset.

That’s why I don’t get angry with people easily, cos its troublesome and annoying, everyone suffers.

He was real scary, for the rest of the day, he stopped brushing his dandruff on my friend’s desk next to me and stopped talking to his pal. Gah, I’m sorry.

But I guess I really made an impact. You see, I seldom get angry and I seem like those quiet and peaceful type so when I blow up, its like a dormant volcano exploding– all that it had contained for the past centuries. Actually, I just threw a magazine at him and said,” why did you break my pencil?” I think its my glare that killed :\ I must admit that I looked really scary that time, I can never imagine myself like that. I was boiling!

I always thought that nothing can make me feel offended, but after being mad about arts, I found out today what can make me feel angry.

1) Messing with my brushes and paints, especially the former.

2) Messing with my sketchpad (paintings) and pencil.

3) My water bottle too!

That little, not anymore. Its just hard luck that he chose my pencil as a target among other things!

I’m just afraid tyhat without these things, my drawings or whatsoever will not be the same anymore.

You see, when I like something, I’ll love it with all my heart, others are just neutrals, I never hate.

Actually I’m sorry for making Tim feel this way, now I’m apologising for being so absurd.

Perhaps I’ll get another pencil then, ta-ta.