Scenes from my Bedroom


Scenes from my Bedroom: I can imagine dreams.

Out from my bedroom lies the outstretched sky that says little but holds much. It holds the world up when the skies fall down, it holds the fate to our umbrella and hats, to tomorrow and the past. It dictates wake and sleep to which I, the only one defy, for a chance to see it shut its eyes…

Away from my bedroom, I hope to see a lily pond, lilac hues– that little reflection of a surface holds little but says much. It speaks of whatever that comes its way, the skies when the angels are making, the clouds when they turn dark and angry and for us to look at ourselves in pensive and reflect in peaceful Zen. I want to be light, so free and light, to rest upon its fronds, to rest upon its fronds…

Scenes from my Bedroom, I can imagine, I can dream, I can holler, I can leap… in deep slumber and haze. Before my window, with hands perched on my cheeks, deep asleep, suspended in beauty, in awe, of the things I could do, when I close my eyes.

When I close my eyes, I see colors, millions of shades and hues.

Why must it be black?


Sorry for the low quality, it looks better original, something is kinda lost in the scanning. This is a painting I did yesterday night/this morning at around 1-2 after a failed attempt with the experimentation of oil. Actually I wasn’t trained with watercolor too ( started around early this month) but I sure do have more luck with it. This is a creative attempt that I must say didn’t turn out as I hoped it will be but I’ll paint again sometime soon ( I kinda hate the ‘clouds’ but I like the lilies and lily pads).

I screwd the first one with oil, oil is such a bummer, you can only blend, but you can’t wash it off and when you touch it, the worst things happen.

I thought of this idea one day while looking the same as the girl in the painting, day dreaming– for some reasons, my window is a very conducive place to space out. And while closed eyed, I’m transported to places only dreams can imagine. Hence, I can imagine dreams.

Last night at 3, I did a continuation of the scenes from my bedroom prose and will be getting them here day by day else it’ll be toooooo long.

See you guys!