The exam went well! Thanks to everyone who supported me!

While wandering about today and busy getting myself lost, I discovered a couple of wierd things along the streets.

1) An advertisement hung upside down– And I was at the middle of the road, in the process of crossing the streets,trying moderately not to get myself knocked down but not trying very hard I supposed. For once, I set myself upon this strange advertisement, trying with some effort to decipher its contents and was quite successful– for a street advertisement.

Damn it! A/an accidental   shrewd advertisement strategy! It really attracts attention, you try it!

2) An ingenious phamplet distributor– When met with intense competition in the event of phamplet distribution, cruise around freely and shuff the leaflets into people’s face, don’t stand like a statue and have people, your comrades march by you.

But please avoid treading on an innocent soul’s toe! And make a fall from that trip and curse and wail. You made my day man.

Sarcasm is weak, and I’m being sarcastic.

3) Mistook a guy along the streets for Jon and was in the process of hitting him on the back, and on it turned immediately into a meek smile that spells embarrassement. And ‘Jon’ was also in the process of saying ‘Hi’, before looking away aghast!

Gosh, what a ____! Should I say coincidence or wierdness or ____?!