We always regret, wishing to go back to the past, but in the past, all we want is to have a grasp at the future. Be it wealth, fame or repute that we’ve seeked to gain and have since regretted, its all the same, we always want something we don’t have. When we no longer have anything to look up to, we look down and think, well, actually the ground is much more safer than the sky up here. So we go down to where we’ve came from. 

Life is a ‘screw’. When we came to this world, we start at the bottom. Gradually, we start to desire, start to look up and compare—the most lethal thing. And thinking that we lack something, we start to ascend the wedges of the screw to search, and we do not know that in the process, we ourselves defined the steps. Some of us want money, so money is littered along the way on the wedges and we ascend it while gathering money. 

At this stage, we do not even realize that we could jolly well ascend easier without those heavy baggages and waste of time and effort to search for them in crevices. So we toiled all the way. At different points in time, we might have different desires and the object we’re seeking for is placed along the way, and while some of us might drop that desire, some of us spent half our lifetime searching for that. At a certain point in time when we decided that we’ve got enough, or feel exhausted and useless with all the heavy parcels tying us down, some of us choose to drop them and stop the climb—gravity, sliding down process.

And this is what some of us choose, to relax, to reflect on our lives. And all these peaceful moments, time for philosophy and deep thoughts are in preparation for our end, for the bottom of the screw awaits death.  We never could answer life’s secrets, only death can, only on the descend to ground we can. On the ascend up, we never look down, when we do, its only to see the faces of the exhausted looking up at you, that drives you to climb faster to avoid being taken over. We ask ourselves questions, and we do get answers, but more questions in return. Everything just keep compounding… 

Until one day you ask yourself, what difference does answers and questions make? Then you discover life as a circle, a merry-go-round, a carousel, but not exactly that fun-fair like. You feel cheated—all your life you came to go round and round up, then round and round down, and that’s all, your life, how much time and sweat did it take to play a game?  Life is just death, and death is just life, because they originate from the same ground. Anyway it goes, what difference does it make? Nothing makes a difference if everything is gonna go away with us when we leave. But its does make a difference to the people around you, people who like this game, people who always make it through round-the-clock video games, just to see their characters making it through another stage. Unless we all quit this game together, it will and always make a difference. 

Even though we’re stuck, or cheated if you wanna call it, let it go on, cos what difference will it make anyway? Actually knowing so much, ranting so much of my philosophy equates to nothing, because, I live in the same planet as you, live a life similar to you and is a human. But what makes a difference is, even though knowing something that don’t make a difference to your end, it makes a difference, acts like a drug, weed, to drown you for the moment and satisfy you briefly and allowing you to wallow in misery for cold turkey. Nothing actually makes a difference, we could all die now, but do we all think alike? We’re all living in a game, without realizing that it’s a game, a game with no flexibility, utter indoctrination, but do you tell the emperor in new clothes that he’s naked? (got it from alan) Better not. 

If knowing this does not make a difference, shut it out of your mind to avoid frustration, like everything else. 

If feeling hate and disgust with a particular person does not make a difference, why not opt for peace? 

Since we have to survive this video game and make it through, why not make it a pleasant encounter like everything else even though we know its fake? 

If only…everyone knows, that some things, most things don’t make a difference. 

Have Peace. 

This is how peace is obtained, but shutting everything out of your mind, letting nothing affect you, displaying absolute apathy… 

This is peace.

I’m so unfeeling..