You know, during the course of your daily mundanities, you often come up with surprisingly wacky but awesome ideas about the universe and the metaphysical.

Have you ever remembered walking on a concrete path?

Well, I was, on one fine day, doing exactly the same when I suddenly shuddered upon the thought that the path I’m trodding on leads me as a subject under a severe dictatorship.

Ask yourself, why does it always leads you up the same way, along with the masses, the number of people who come across the spot you walked upon. Why not any other way?

Alan has said, any blank piece of canvas can be propaganda, because it suggests something to the ‘reader’. But we can see anything in the blank slate and it tells a different story to each of us. Now, this concrete pathway leads me to a place without me having a choice to. Well I could, and step on the grass wet from the rain instead but I don’t want, why should I?

So I blindly followed the way…

And another day, while casually looking at wordpress’ homepage, I found out that Life is the biggest tag…

But when I actually clicked on a few links in it, I found them talking about death instead…what a spoiler.

That’s what I do too, I never added Death to my categories, how funny.

Now, is it the blatant optimism of us humans or something else?

Here’s another.

You’ve heard of the bombastic phrase for putting off things till the next date, haven’t you? Procrastination, they call it and I call it human nature instead.

We’re all procrastinating to death, procrastinating to Armageddon. Yet we all know we’re gonna die someday.

Who says we want that noose on our neck as soon? Do we always want things done…so fast?

Or is it just the blatant optimism inherent in all us humans?