I came to this place unknowingly, unexpectingly, I think I just came out..accidentally, that’s what they told me– at the right place, at the right time, well the pair just clicked instead of many others and that’ll be me, they said.

And somehow, many years later, I thought and I thought, what made the me the one instead of a few million others? I think I was just plain lucky and well…lucky, but that’s where they told me– I was the strongest, maybe the best attributed or maybe even the luckiest as well and of course, I’m born champion in the race before birth..

And now, its time for the race after that, eyeing the champions of the champions..

But will it ever end?

That’s where I came here, to this place, knowingly, expectingly, I think I came out..purposefully, that’s what they told me– to seek for a goal in life, a vision, a mission, a lesion— yeah, sometimes in the process of finding something, attaining something, we get something else, and it might not be all that purposeful and pleasant.

And that day, when I was painting, mixing the colors in the palette– funny how when I mixed black unto yellow, the whole concoction just screwd up. So I dipped my brush into the cup, which was pastel-pink (of health) from the previous washing– I had to make a trip to the basin and get a new cup of water.

Tell me, isn’t it such a bother?

That’s what they say actually.. and now I knew what they meant..