Tribute to Jeff Buckley, May 29, 1997. Hallelujah is the song which he did for a cover, elegiac and poignant. Sometimes, hearing that song, I wondered if he knew he was leaving. Was drowning a mere accident or was it suicide?

I don’t know what prompted me to come up with this, subconscious, ask Freud. But in case you can’t catch, it describes a tomb and things turning around it, perhaps could be related to earth, the world, the times when people think that planets revolve around the earth, I think, why not? Who cares about science.

It’s so easy to go, but so hard to stay.


Ashs of cinders, pots of Grave,

2 turns left, 5 goes right,

Circles the raven, black as night.

Repeat and reverse, 7 times died.


Arms-a-lined, the kids go swing,

Starts and stalls, 3 folds din,

Spell-bound cauldron, drink up thee.

Stags and gurgles, cut-throat-ease.


Death is all but Life’s retreat.

If you’d noticed, 2+5=7, 5-2=3. The math failure won’t forgive you of it. 7 is the blessed number, 3 is trinity. It is intented for irony which resounds in the whole poem, alike the actual hallelujah’s lyrics.

It could be and it could be not.