You don’t always have to know why cos the 5Ws and 1Hs taught to you in essay class don’t always apply to life.

And I don’t ask anymore cos either way, I can’t do nothing.

Whatever, you’re a closed book even when we’re 2/3 similar. But you don’t know that do you?

Suppose I’ll just leave.

If you were to leave everything and everyone to live on a god-forsaken island, what will you miss?

I thought hard and long and came to nothing. I realised that I don’t miss anything there is in this world. I can adapt everywhere. Even if the island is a desert, there will always be an oasis. I realised that abstractions of the mind are the most lethal compounds in this world. Leaving yourself alone on 4 faceless walls to face yourself is the worst thing in the world.

If there’s anything, miss yourself.