Yesterday I was discussing Macbeth with my friend and for some reasons, she brought up the topic that genuises die young. Did Shakespeare die young? I suppose not, whatever reasons our discussion drifted away. Chopin, one of my fav composers sure died young, 34 years of age and my friend just stared at me blank-eyed when I said that and pronounced,” Chaw-pine?!”

And I was like, yeah. And I proposed my wierd reasoning, engaging in a Socratic converstion.

Jane: Humans have to go through a certain path in life and when they have gathered enough experiences and ran the last leg of the race, they’ll retreat to another medium (termed as heaven/hell or simply under the earth). Say I’m 14, but I’m too old for my age (14 going on 50), what if I’m equalled to someone the age of 37? Or 55? And since there’s not many centaurians around, I’ll probably die in the coming year or 2.

Karen: So what you mean to say is that everyone above the age of 60 is considered stupid?

Jane: Either they’re saints allowed to roam the Earth cos it’ll be doomsday if they leave or they are simply normal people. Genuises make up less than  1/a millionth per population and those who usually die young venture in the arts instead of real money-making profiteering.

Karen: Most of them kill themselves anyway. Maybe they feel that they’ve gathered enough from life?

Jane: Maybe, but not all kill themselves. They get drowned, they get sick, they get shot sometimes. But you see something, life is fair and I think that you have to clock in a certain amount of achievements or enlightenment before you’re granted death.

Karen: That’s why suicide success rate is not all that promising.

Jane: Lol, maybe they’re not allowed to take the easy way out. Well, as I was saying, geniuses achieve the amount of works a normal person in 10 or 100 years cannot fathom. So they are allowed to advance to the next level.

Karen: You’re a bloody radical!!

Now I know why my coach warns me not to express radical ideas in my cases :\ I feel that I’m preaching some religion or something. But I always come up with all these radical theories during times of distress when someone asks something cliche. Always have the urge to present paradox and something unorthodox.

Jane: Well, this theory has its ethical side, taking capital punishment and life-concerning offences into view. I personally believe that murderers and their victims are the saddest thing ever happened to this world. Both die pre-maturely. I personally believe life-imprisonment and psychiatric help even though they sound really dumb. I just can’t fathom the idea that murderers are pawns to their deed. Executors, judges, attorneys, juries, families all reeked of revenge.

Karen: Hmm, yea. I thought he should be allowed the opportunity to reflect and learn in a peaceful state of mind–why did they kill a man. They’ll often find it rash and erroneous as a course of action to undertake.

Jane: True, dying is just an easy way out. I could have suicided twice in my life but I didn’t. I stopped to think, everyday, it took 6 months for me to reclaim my life from all that.

Karen: Suppose those 6 months are one of the worst moments in your life.

True, the worst thing in life is cornering one to a mirror for years to see one’s sinned reflection and left to search for inexistent answers.

Death is just escape. Death is telling yourself to stop thinking, stop worrying, pick yourself up and go. Death is the death of the mind.

Karen: To think of this radical shit, you’re pretty much of a genius yourself.( she said it, serious)

And that sealed me fate. *crossed*