Hee, I went to the zoo twice within these two months remember? And I’m gonna post them here, heh. A lazy post, anyway. Some photos are edited and I’ll state when I come to the commentary. Enjoy!


This is the very first picture I took when I entered the zoo -.- It somehow turned out funny while I flashed, overexposure or something. But I thought it was quite unique.


Its some plant at some corner. I like those branches.


Nice orchids at the garden. By now, you’ll probably suspect me of going to the botanic gardens instead.

kangeroo and tree

Please click on the link to see. Its either this or it comes in epic volumes. This one’s edited cos the lighting wasn’t very well done. I like the white sand and tree. Makes it seem cartoonish.


Random, this one. I thought they looked wild.


Creepy, like chandeliers in phantom.


This is one of my favs. Proportionate and lighing is right.


This is nice as well. I like white. The bird just turned at about the right angle for me to shoot. Thanks birdy, haha.

And that’s about all and I’m getting impatient, each pic takes about 2 minutes to upload. If I have anymore worthy ones, I’ll share, swear!

Bye, have a nice day!