Yesterday, I got a terrible culture shock. Yes, right here in Singapore! Let me recount that terrible culture shock to you to see if it was indeed a terrible culture shock.

You know, Saturday afternoons are kinda more Sunday-mornings type for me than real Sunday mornings like today. For me, Sunday mornings are hectic descendents from Hell. Well, I decided to make a trip to National Library and fetch a cup at Starbucks and well, chill out. So I got a caramel frap as I usually do after Gwen made me get stuck on it and I went on the way to National Library.

Who knows, on my way, my Starbucks cup became a tremendous magnet for attention for no bloody reason and this woman in her late 50s came to me straight out from her Swensen’s seat and asked me to purchase a donation coupon worth 2 bucks for some Youth Commitee. Youth, indeed. Well, I just brushed her off after spending 30 plus on my cup and some stuff I splurged that day.

I thought she’ll just go off but she pointed explicitely at my cup and said in strained english that they’re holding this thing for the second time. Well I mean, I’m supposed to look loaded and all my Starbucks cup accessorised with my danky tee and shorts? If you think so. Humph, I really got a terrible culture shock. And I was caught dumbfounded when I lagged back only to hear that woman whispering to her pal on the next seat in Chinese,” I told you already, must find this type of people and speak english, especially younger working people 0.0″

Not kidding, I’m really not, tear down my face. Now I have full justification that I’m acting my age unconsciously. Well, I learnt my lesson.

To save 2 bucks, never spend 6.20 on a caramel frap. 8.20 in total.