Okay, now I’m the living example of the writer stereotypes. I can’t believe it!!! My subsequent plays suck big time, esp the last one that I took the most strenuous effort to complete. But I’m most proud of Tom, for Convenience sake. But they say that Jane (Titled, My play) is the best.

If you don’t already know, the first production is the best and the subsequent ones ghosts of the first. Damn, I didn’t know I would fall under those treacherous categories. The only thing to console myself is that all three plays took less than several hours to complete. Maybe 2 hours for Tom, Jane, I’m not sure. I’ve got drafts that vary a lot from the actual one and I did two acts on different days.

But I know Chuck’s Lily was kinda a failure. It tooked 2 separate days as well cos I had something of a writer’s block urging me to munch on something. And after that munch, I no longer want to continue anymore. And it was the only one I had to go back and alter the lines to make room for new ideas. I chnaged my direction 3 times at a certain junction when Chuck was throwing his shoes out. And after finishing it, I did not have the sense of satisfaction like I did with the last two.

But I did like the starting part as well as the idea. The way it ended was lame. Thanks to Snow Patrol and their emo music (at least the tracks I’m listening to). Perhaps I’m gonna edit it and re-publish but well, I dunno.

Starting a co-novel with someone about something real-life and lame. I’m skeptical about real-life stuff cos I can only write in abstract. So I sorta changed the entire style into something alike of Animal Farm. But no worries, it will be alright. I always make myself sound stupid and dweeb for humour to sustain readers. And this blog is getting much less of a blog since fictionpress came into my life. Anyway, I never liked to talk about myself.

I’m zero, zilch. Buh-bye. And that’s 2 minutes of my life hacking away at the keyboard.