I just realised I’ve not been updating for a very long time. Exact number of days, I don’t know, you could do with simple mathematics. Anyway, a number of things have happened and they bother me quite a fair bit, just enough not to make me worry about them. On the other hand, I’m rather elated about the holidays, just enough to make me sane. I’ve been so fond of paradoxes and its cousin, oxymoron but they’re true, I just can’t decide on what I feel about the holidays. I just say that I’m terribly looking forward to trying my hand on filming. What love!

Yesterday mom+bro+I went out. To takashimaya and did a fair bit of shopping while its still in the early days of the GSS. But it had shown its potential, yes by the long queues extending round the escalator block. Brr. But I shall not dwell on that. I just found out that mom and I have very divided opinions, very. Not in the fashion sense area but later on when we went down to B1 to have some tea.

The tables were all choked up and we have to wait. Not a sport that I particularly liked. But this time, it was rather horrible. You see, mom was rather ambiguous on her choice of tables so we choked two consecutive tables. And it was clear that we are residing there at the moment, no qualms. And there came this bimbo pair– mother and daughter who swaggered towards us, just at the right moment when the peeps at our table stood up to leave. They said they were there all along. 0.0 I was trying to laugh at how silly bimbos can be.

But mom, you know, she’s great at complaining and of course, quarreled with the mom. And that’s the time I felt like slapping both of them. How stupid. So I told her and begged her to give the table to them and end of story. Best thing was we sat right next to them.

What she should have done is to give them a broad smile and say,” Yea, you can have my seat, we can always wait for the next one.” And *broad smile*. That’s gotta be the proper way man. And that moment will haunt that bitch for life. Even though we did not get the seat, we won by getting those bitches guilty. I love that. Psychology torture, you can never cure that. I mean, say it prim and proper, say it like you have no other intentions and for maximum entertainment, WATCH HER FACE! Haha.

And I experienced true 1984. Right in Taekwondo class! Quite a reap off uh? Propaganda’s when the instructor’s swaggers around with a pork belly and Big Brother face and starts flaunting his power around with much ignorance of the population. I’m Winston Smith, not afraid of authority, but watches in amused disdain.

Scene 1



The proles all tired out from the torturous regime. Kicks went down to half the maximum capacity, punches degenerated to fist stretching when yawning.

Instructor a.k.a Big Brother: Now let me as you a simple question that I should have asked you long ago. Who wants this club to close down? You (points to a meek little boy of age 6) tell me!

Boy: No

(points to subsequent)

Subsequents: No.

Subsequents: No.

Subsequents: No.





Scene 2



Similar scene as 1. Just with less gusto than the first.


Instructor a.k.a Big Brother: Okay, wait. Let me ask you a simple question. (it sure is simple enough -.-) Who force you to come? (Points again to the sway meek little boy) You, tell me.

Boy: I… I dunno.


Instructor a.k.a Big Brother: Dunno asked you to come. Tell me! WHO ASKED YOU TO COME?!


Boy: err, myself. (setting the stage for future model answers that everyone followed)

Instructor a.k.a Big Brother: Hmm. You, tell me.

Subsequents: Myself.

Subsequents: Myself.

Subsequents: Myself.


And the night goes, unquestioned. Damn the proles, they don’t know no shit what propaganda is about. Stupid people, uneducated. Nevermind, glad I shared with you. But if you do not get what I mean, then…

Oh, I have the time to do another play. But its half done now, adding more stuff. Just hope you guys don’t get tired of me. *crosses*