Well, I’m not gonna post it today anyway, no time to type it. Library’s darn boring. I feel like stabbing myself like an emo down there. But I sustained my life on thinking how sad it would be to die mistaken an emo. Sigh.

So I came up with a plan.

Change my bodyclock. I’m not gonna sleep tonight, leave all the snoozing to tomorrow.

Sheesh, my night life is far more interesting. No connotations present :\ Erhm.

But I would prefer school to level camp, I think? I guess so, sigh. I don’t know, thinking of this makes me sulk a bit. Life’s such an arse, wasted on the living. I think the dead will be able to make a better use of it. I’m becoming to think that I can do anything, that’s why today I’m darned upset about my botched attempt at escaping. Some security stopped me and told me to bring someone of authority like teachers or some toad of a kind before I can leave? But they don’t even moniter us! We can leave after taking attendance in my psycopathied point of view.


Avril’s new record is nice. I’m addicted to Hot even though its not very much like the songs I listen. The chorus is awesome. Power-pop!