Level camp days are really productive, I did not go cos of some reason. And I wrote a play! In the library today, will type and copy it here tomorrow I hope. See, I’m so eager! Well, just give you as much as I can today cos I’m leaving for tuition in 5 minutes, have been busy browsing the net for the last few hours, how therapeutic. Anyway.

There are 3 characters in this play. Jane, a neurotic, obsessed about her plays, which often refer to nothing but her life, roles refer to people who are involved in her daily life -.-. She often brushes off people by telling them that they do not have a role in the scene, which is that part of her life. She thinks she can control who should direct her. She lives in a play. Gordon apparently is her ex-boyfriend and Hattie is jane’s florist friend, also her roomate. Note the important variations of the Roses, Violets and Daisies, will continue tomorrow. Oh and jane does not appear till act 1 scene 2.

Act 1 Scene 1

Jane (soliloquy, fantasy, not seen by other characters, not on stage meanwhile the other two characters wait for her arrival)

Where is my manuscipt, they always ask, they never stop, they alwats fight for my roles, I told them they’re not good enough, but they kept pestering me to cast them, so I gave them eventually? My life?

Gordon (Reality, slighty overlapping Jane’s for genuinty)

What the hell time is it?!

Hattie (Jane’s florist friend, roomate)

Cinderella’s late for the ball!

Jane (”)

They kept expecting me but they don’t know that plays need time.




That’s a question.


A question what?

Jane (“)

People always ask why but get questions in return. A play without answers.


Why is Cinderella bad at football?

Gordon (overlap simultaneously)

What has this bloody got to do with me?

Jane (overlap simultaneously)

That’s right, he’s not in my play.

Hattie (overlap simultaneously till the brackets occur in deadly silence for effects)

no, No, NO! One is that her coach is a pumpkin, and (two, she ran away from the ball)

*Suppressed laughter from backstage. Awkwardness in the dead silence.*


But I never bothered to run away from them. We need people to yearn for us to survive.


She thinks herself Queen!

Hattie (overlap with Jane’s next)

Well, she sure could pass off as one

jane  (overlap with Hattie’s)

I don’t mind…

Act 1 Scene 2

Argh tomorrow carry on. Boo, suspense. Not really? Its great trust me, I’m seldom so proud, lol. Tata, I’m really late.