Hahaha, told dad my math’s project marks (15/30) and he dao-ed me and went emo-ing, setting a straight record of 5 hours, highest ever known.

And I feigned sick today cos I don’t feel like going out with emo mom and dad. You see, we’ve been out every saturday, eating in the same restaurant and going to the same place. Mom brings bro to yoga you see, and I pon every fortnight because it in itself is sick. I’m so sick of going to orchard, taka in particular.

So I decided to be sick.

I don’t know what came to me, I just started hugging my tummy and cried. Then I complained of headache, you know the usual stuff, menstral cramps which I never had once in my 14 years of life. And I don’t know what are they. The puzzling thing is that tears came naturally to me for no reason and I was sent off to my bed and continued crying even though it was already unnecessary. Eek, the horrors of living in an emo household– you get that virus too!


But in the end, dad did not join them there cos he realised he had to buy food for the patient, so I really slept for 3 hours, what an utter waste of time!

Emo News-caster: Sob, sobs, sobss. This experience really did bond us together. He finally melted the ice within him and asked if she was alright. Aww…That was 5 hours later. Record time.

But as we know, bloody emos like to dramatise stuff. They ought to be STABBED.  The recent booming emo population once again justifies the need for another holocaust. And of course, Darling mom and dad aren’t emos, they just get the jock once in a while.

Tomorrow’s mother’s day and I painted something for her.

Its nice.

Gonna put in in my deviantart gallery.