Life sure is wierd. I’ve got A plus for physics and C for maths.

What a logic.

Chem, I’m disappointed, got a B. It was my best science, haha.

Geog, was rather unexpected, clinched a B, 64, but I was one of the lower ones in class.

Well, that’s all I have for now and I’m not regretting cos there’s better ones to come.

Language Arts I think I should get an A if the weather is good.

Chinese I can expect either a B or an A. Bless the last test, it was the coolest one of my history. But compos are depressing grades.

Bio, I’m not sure, but I’m hoping to clinch a B, rather dangerous with all those projects and all, I hate projects.

I hate my GPA man. Especially so when I got a double C for maths. But other than that its quite fine, I’m not as AP as last year. I’m still sustaining my interest in life by being bored. Well, actually I don’t care about grades, but just that I have to to avoid being killed. Follow the norm eh, follow it, there’s no way to be apathetic unless you want to be called for counselling. I don’t really care about them but I supposed we have to right?

Pah, I’m afraid things might slip. Geog will dip, maths have no strengthold as well. But I suppose I have to do something. Well last year, I’ve had worse. But maths and science were superpowers, both A plus-es. Languges were Bs, sadly. Geog was at least all right, cos its physical geog. But I understand human geog better. ANd I cut out a lot of angsty stuff and pasted them in my journal instead. Fucking cunt.

Sigh, I’m happy. Yay, I’m sad. What a cheery oxymoron.