In geog lesson, doing geog stuff. But the com’s lag, and the moniter hurts my eye, I can’t type properly on this keyboard, so I went on strike. Later on, there’s this oratorical competition and guess what? Its billingual.

Hoho, don’t know how what junk the people are up to. I mean its alright, its totally okay, but arrange them separately. Billinguists are rarities. I mean I can speak, but competitively, I can’t grasp. I’ve not been blogging for quite sometime and have not been using the com for quite sometime as well, just oning it for music and all.

Been doing some drawing, those curvy twirls like twining vines, rather inspiring for poems I realise. I’m quite fond of the pointilism piece as well, flowers yet again. Haha, and I gve them names, one is called Jane, for its simplicity and abstraction, the curvy flower’s called Heavenly, named after Tenessee William’s play, Sweet Bird of Youth, the female lead. Ah and I drew one called Chance Wayne as her match, yes, the male lead.

Jane inspired the poem below and I’m thinking of continuing it. Mmhm, The Flower Mistique, I love flowers. Planning of going to Botanical Gardens alone in the June Hols and take pictures. Ah, and I took a really nice Goth picture of my brother’s doll, nah, he’s nowhere near effeminate with all his Khmer Rouge Violence when he tore my worksheets and his Elephant past life surfaced when he stomped on a stool till it gave way to him. Sigh. Poor doll’s from MacDonald, I bet he was thinking of disecting it when he cuddled it in a passionate embrace. Aww.

My phone camera really suck and its not a good thing if you’re always and always using it. But of course, its versatile. I take picture of the toilet, the less obscene places– the sink and mirror, Symmetry, my friend observed that that defined my, in my drawings and all. Haha reminds me of the great detective Hercule Poirot. My Agatha Christie days. Now I read plays. One is that they take a much lesser time to finish and are more kind to my palette now.

Shucks, lesson over bye.