Okay, maybe I need it after all. Well, theres not a soul on MSN, not a soul on myspace, not a soul in my house, which is good. Went blog-surfing and found this neat, really neat quiz:

001. real name : zhoutao
002. nickname: We know people by several other common names, like ‘oi’, ‘hey’ or a hand gesture. Sigh
003. single or taken : Not double.
004. zodiac sign : Human
005. male or female : female
006. elementary : dazhong
007. high : dunman high
008. college : DHP, transferring.
009. eye color : Black
010. hair color : Black, I love black
011. long or short hair : Bob is short.
012. shoe size : 36
013. asthma? : In the pink of health
014. are you health freak : Not a bit, though I’m granted it.
015. height : 1.685m
016. do you have a crush on someone: Not a victim, I play with fire but don’t get burnt. Its only those who don’t play with it gets burnt.
017. do you like yourself: I post my pictures up at Happy Tree Friends. They tore it down, too disturbing for the characters.
018. piercings : apathetic Advocate of Bioethics :\
019. tattoos : My scarsssss.
020. righty or lefty: Bothy. Ambidextrous. Amphibian.

022. first surgery: Hand squished in the door hinge, slammed shut.
023. first piercing : Never
024. first best friend : Don’t remember trivialities.
025. first movie : The Christmas Carols, on Christmas, at home.
026. First sport you joined : Ballet? Or Gymnastics? Either which, I’m a failure, bones hard as rock.
027. first pet : A dog, dead when I turned 2 :\
028. first vacation : Still bouncing in mom Kangaroo’s pouch in Australia
029. first concert : My own with the kindy-gartee kids
030. first crush : Tony, in kinder-gartee

049. eating : my shorts
050. drinking : Salivary amylase
052. i’m about : to kill you.
053. listening to : Drive by Incubus, Baby Come on, +44, Snow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, something nameless by god or Julie. I have 4 ears, trying out a grosteque raphsody.
055. waiting for : the world to end
057. wearing : a poker on my face

058. want kids? : No, probably adopt one. Better bunch of people.
059. want to get married? : Oscar Wilde– Men marry because they’re bored, women marry because they’re curious, both are disappointed. Well, if need be.
060. careers in mind? : Lawyer

068. lips or eyes? : Both are creeps
069. hugs or kisses : Talking
070. shorter or taller : Depends, you can use the former as a hand prop, the latter as a pillar to lean on.
072. romantic or spontaneous: Neutral, bland like water. I like boring people, only that spieces can tolerate me.
073. stomach or arms : Brains
074. sensitive or loud: Wit.
075. hook-up or relationship: I’m a Degenerate, don’t get the jargon.

078. kissed a stranger : I wish I did so I can say yes o’er here.
080. lost glasses/contacts: In the pink of health.
081. ran away from home : I love home, without the people.
082. broken any bones : Hand was squished in the door hinge, slammed shut, wasn’t ouch-sensational at all.
084. broken someone’s heart : You have to break them, else yours will shatter, Pang!
085. been arrested : by wit, the only thing that arrests me.
086. turned someone down : The only thing to reverse the ‘vice-versa’ curse.
087. cried when someone die : Dying is good, if you know me well.
088. liked a friend : I like everyone but I don’t approve of a large majority of them.

089. yourself: The only thing you can believe in.
090. miracles : They are the only things that happen to me.
091. love at first sight : They say Love is Blind, what do you say?
092. heaven : No thanks, I’ve got my own.
093. santa claus : Yes, his in the Films.
094. fairies : Santa’s aides all in the Films.
095. kissing on the first date: I don’t see why, I don’t see why not.
096. angels : Fantasy is the only thing that exists.

097. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? – I want Silence to last forever and Music to rule.
098. Is Superman really better than Batman?- Both are fictional bastards.
099. Have you had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time?-

Everyone’s so full of shit

Born and raised by hypocrites

Hearts recycled but never saved

From the Cradle to the Grave

We’re the Kids of War and Peace

From Anahem to the Middle East

We’re the stories and disciple of

The Jesus of Suburbia!

To live and not to breathe

is to die in Tragedy

I never got tired of this song, since last year.

Oh and I took NAPFA! How very interesting grades I’ve got- ABCDE. 2.4 will gurantee me an A of course. But you can see that I’m such a bummer in all the rest. Oh well, what a rare breed. A- Situp. B- Shuttle run. C- Sit and Reach (this one’s unexpected). D- Standing broad jump. E- Pull-ups.

Being 14’s a mixed blessing.