Laaa-la-la-la-laaa-la. Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of daisies, ashes, ashes we all fall down! I’m not sure how it goes, bleh…

Oh well, I’m reading a lot, so I’m  not blogging these days. Now I have this thing for plays, went to the library and picked up some real good ones, Tennessee Williams and his ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, I name myself a loser to have read it only on the 14th year of my life. But I thought the Glass Menagerie was better, the ending was really good, hoho, I cried, how sad. But I really liked Laura, I have this thing for anti-heros.

Oh speaking of that, I loaned The Tale of the Rose as well, by Conseulo Saint-Exupery, rings a bell? Yea, the Little Prince author, Antoine. His wife wrote that, the story behind the Little Prince, which was only published in 2000 when all them folks are dead. You see, the manuscript was supposed to be a very long letter to her husband, who died of a plane crash apparently, corpse never found. And yea, the story of immense love and betrayal, ups and downs, quite a deserving read, finished it within a day, 300 plus pages, how chilling. I cried as well, what a boo. I realised I mentioned that I cried twice in this post.

Haha, and also Bang Bang You’re Dead, I watched it twice, cos I thought the first time I was too emotionally charged, cried twice, what the heck. I refused to talk to anyone on my way home  and only half recovered when I reached home cos my mom almost chased me with a broom out of my bed cos I’m supposed to sleep in it, not lie and ponder, you see. Sigh, this is life. Jane MacGregor was the pretty girl there, by the way, Jerk. If you so happened to see this, which by probability is zilch.

Nevermind, I thought I liked Ben Foster when he said, “You know I hate you both.” in the play to his parents before he shot them dead. How sadistic, but shall talk about the play in the future when I have nothing on my hand and feel like goofing around.

Time is really hard to come by even though its always there, don’t you think. I gave you such a nice quote. I’m going back to nice old fiction cos non-fiction is stupid now that I have my own views.

Things are really so simple as they are, just don’t try to carve into them and you’ll have a very nice life. Have a nice day.