As we all know, things are not as easy as they seem and the following is inspired by a relatively successful phamplet distributor:

  • To prevent an overflowing of curiously similar leaflets folded in different ways in the nearby bin, carry it out miles away from the garbage-eater!
  • Escalator-phenomenon: Real sad scenario, you’ll probably end up at the bottom of a stampede. Goodness sake, distance yourself from this!
  • Orchard Road fad: Poor fish end up enveloped under a pile of papers, probably dunk them all in the bin or smarter fishes will just ‘peer-influence’ and give you the brush-off. That’s why I say, go-neighbourhood!
  • The passive by-stander: “Holiday jobs aren’t exactly holidays.” That kid lives up to his statue libre, hoho, I sneaked a phamplet from him out of sympathy and found the content to be…rather gender-specific. Oh, wonder.
  • We love sonnies- smile and say thank you, once you succeed in shoving that junk into the first person, subsequent ones are likely to accept cos we humans are monkeys, aren’t we?
  • No, you don’t appear to be apprehensive of the ‘breast-enhancement’ promotion phamplet you’re holding and its target audience :/
  • Don’t wear something that daunts people, unless its Father Christmas -.-

With all these junk, you’d probably think I went for something like this as well– but no. I tried out stunts with these poor distributors, hurhur. Although it will end up in the bin or under our terrier’s bottom, the success depends on how long it remained ‘out-of-bin’. We tend to explore its contents if we’re bored while walking home and will tend to read it than we are at orchard road doing our social-thing. But eventually…

As I walked home, I hunted for the bin, saw it and phew, there goes all their hopes, in a black abyss of a hollow…