I’m such a sociopath, I don’t care about anything or everything, whether is it ______ or ______. I shan’t name them else I’ll get into trouble, which then again, shows how I still care a little. I think I can get away with everything if I belive in myself. Like the time during leadership training, I was contemplating about sneaking off halfway during the outdoor activities just to confirm my abilities. Pah, dangerous man. But of course, I didn’t do it else I won’t be writing it here, not unlike the 2 blanks above which obviously I did so I’m not naming them, get me? Of course, I’m no pyromaniac, don’t worry, there’s no arson nor am I a kryptomaniac, nothing’s stolen. I just a darned sociopath which some paper I took showed I’m 70% one. Haha, tell you some of what it says:

-You see people as your pawns

-You’ve lied just to see if you can get away with it

-You are almost always bored

-You are secretive

-You don’t think in terms of right and wrong

Of course, stuff like “You have been addicted to drugs, alcohol or sex”, “you are a pyromanic (as earlier said)” is out. You see, I’m such a jerk, I’ve been searching for identities to brand myself. Like this:

“Hey hello, I’m Tom, no, Dick, no, I’m Harry sorry. You are?” says an impossibly random guy.

“A sociopath- yes, a sociopath.” says the Sociopath.

Hoho, don’t sound very nice uh? But we people can mix with anyone, cos we see everyone as homo sapiens, whether you are that top notch bitch or the poor knock-out in that corner– the same. Now, that’s equality at its pinnacle, how wonderful. Don’t try to crush me below your feet gal, you’ll probably end up without one. You people aren’t exactly silly you know, you’re just a bunch of fools who don’t know how to spell, too bad. Maybe we should alter the keyboards specially for you people such that your nice little caps and uncaps would be gone, but that’s not very nice uh? But I’m not bothered much, cos you’re just a human beneath that special facade. We love the word special, it could be refered to anything and everything in the world and mean everything and anything in the world.

You are no better than me, nor are you any worse, don’t look up nor look down, necks for all are dysfunctional unless you carry it in the right way dear.

Nobody actually knows me very well and its double-edged. I change like how cells regenerate themselves after getting hurt and that’s a very subtle analogy if you look closely. I’m not like who am I last year, nor like me at sec 1, even more so during primary school. Drastic ones, but I appear all the same to people. I’m nice and unassuming that’s what they say. I care a lot as well for everyone, Dionne says. But heh, isn’t it all very well? I don’t like people to know about me, its like a spy-gene inserted into you, monitering fluctuations in hormones every minute. I hate stares and eye contact, they seem to burn into you and read all that’s printed in the grey matter. Expose. I’m always staring into space, the best place to be. Do I always look ‘sad’? Why then do you always say so? Why can’t I look normal and all? I just feel normal, too normal so perhaps I can’t seem to be normal? Haha, what a joke.

Do I look very unapproachable? I seriously wonder, I have so many questions to ask and all the same, I’m not interested in the replies, cos half the time, I do the answering and heck it all. I feel nothing when I fail maths, when I cry, when I laugh, when I’m sane. My friend got full marks for her placement test and I asked her, why are you happy? I just can’t understand. Now I’m so serious, I don’t take interest in anything short-lived so I don’t take interest in anything, cos Life is Short-Lived. Now you understand? Its imperative that you get it right. Its my philosophy, what I live on. Now, I’m not going to suicide, get it clear. I just wanna let all you guys understand how somethings matter and some don’t and most of all, do what matters and grow fast in this time frame. Nobody’s gonna wait for you.  Everything will be gone, by the fastest in the race.

Ask me, why then am I bored and retired. I say, because I don’t want anyone to wait for me, I don’t want anyone to anticipate, anyone to cramp my style for me to be at the front of the race. I am the time-tracker and always will be. I observe, what you are doing.