Eeeeeeeeee, today is love. I’ve got so many things to talk about that well… I shan’t talk much about them. Else I’ll come up with this 3 page long post that’ll hang wordpress. No joke man, this actually happened, but at blogger. One fine day, in dec hols, I was too bored so I started watching tv, which is extrememly abnormal. You know what people are. Perhaps if Tom the cat one day decided to stop chasing the mouse (was he Jerry?), Dick stops being such a dick and Harry stops being such a potter and of course, the norm– the sun would rise in the west. That’s what happened to me, not touched the tee-vee for eons, except for stealing to cnn for news at times. I watched nat geog, discovery and all that nerdy channels for the whole day. And it was adrenaline! So I blogged it, for what was left of the time. Yes, blogger stole it! Humph, that was one of the reason I decided to convert to wordpress.

WordPress is cool and everyone knows, stubbornly stuck to blogger, which is also a good thing. Man, how elitist. Its not so mainstream, therefore the posting rate is faster, therefore there’s more features packed in here, therefore its fresh and new, therefore I’m loving it.

Oh man, I should stop crapping, forced to do a math and chinese test paper. I’m not unwilling to do them, cos I know I need to improve on them, especially maths which I failed tentatively and the second common test is the deciding paper. Chinese I think I passed but its sad cos our dear teacher was lenient. Ask you, if you get 60.5 for a test and was considered to be among the lowest in your class, how crap is that? And and, the passing mark was raised to 60! Someone prove me wrong please! Now there’s this new teacher with extremely high expectations and all. Seems like our ex teacher dropped us cos our standard was the lowest among her 3 classes and yes, the noisiest and rowdiest of all. Passing will not be as easy as the past then.

LA is cool and its pulling up my marks, how marvellous. But its really suspicious if you get full marks for a reflection uh? I’m a cynic through and through. Also, we watched the Minister Mentor thing at ACE and I was extremely infuriated but I’m not at a position to comment on it. You know what blogs are like and how MINDEF deals with them political harangues. But mainly, in a neutral light, I’m asking you, how can you ask for a complete level playing field when in politics its an impossible feat? Just think about it, at least thrice before you dump that question at people, I don’t think twice will get that fact into your dense head. How amateur is that, a fellow journalist. The issue was already dealt with nicely and pity it was raised time and again that brought me up to this conclusion. Real sorry, but that’s what they always say, God gave you two ears and a mouth, think twice before you speak.

It only shows how rude people are and how ridiculous the fashion questions were raised. In fact they weren’t raised, they were shouting across to one another in the market. Oh well, will blog properly when I have time and feel like it. For the moment, bye and peace.