Today I grew.


Today, I learnt how to love dad, mum and bro. The past 14 years were just lived under assumptions.


All the time I was searching for it when it was just in front of me, patiently waiting to be recognized. I thought I was so lost and frustrated with life that I wanna quit.


Someone harmless called and made me wince, for he reminded me of something from the past. I thought I was bipolar, in fact I was, 70% based on a random online test. I don’t want it, I don’t wanna go through the trouble of stepping out of another. Stupid people, I allowed them…


11pm. I stepped into my gate. Bro’s still up, fidgeting on bed, perhaps waiting for me. He said, “I love you.”


I cried. This is not the first time he said it but it was the first time that reached me. I opened my eyes to see. Thanks mum, dad and bro, you guys were always there when I need you.


Today, I learnt what is love.


Everything can change but love remains. This is not quoted.


Suddenly I don’t feel like dying.


I think I found myself today.